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American Star Cork Is The Address For Your Cork Needs.

Trusted by you since 1902

American Star Cork

In business for more than a century, we have manufactured just about everything made of cork! From the woodwind water key washer to the bamboo and graphite fly rod cork grip to the finest wine closures.
We look forward to becoming your cork supplier.

Special Shape Corks


American Star Cork, Inc. is the leading importer and manufacturer of natural and composition cork products. Although we specialize in the wine and champagne industry, we manufacture just about anything made of cork! Some of our cork products: cork fishing rod grips and cork handles, cork rod-building rings, cork cylinders, cork sticks, cork tubes, solid or bored cork rings, tapered or barrel or ball floats (strung or bored or pegged), cork ovals, cork bait bodies (fly tying or poppers), cork cigar shapes, cork bobbins.

Our cork closures include: wine corks, champagne corks, cork stoppers, pharmaceutical corks, cosmetic corks, lab corks, standard (tapered) corks, special shape corks, jar toppers, bark topped, wood topped or plastic topped “whiskey” corks.

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Our Products


For your sealing or stopping needs, our tapered cork is Your best choice for liquid content or reusable goods.


American Star Cork offers a wide selection of Wine, Champagne, Whiskey cork closures and recorkers.


American Star Cork offers a broad selection of very distinctive Virgin Cork planters that would add beauty to any line.


Ball topped, wood topped, Plastic topped, Natural Bark Topped. Bored/drilled. Cork for Jewelry and finings.


American Star Cork provides sheet products in all sizes cut to specs including: Natural GasketsSheets and Finished Gaskets for Musical Instruments and Cork for Military Applications.

For more than a century, our customers have relied on us to deliver the highest quality, finest, natural and composition cork products available today. We manufacture custom designs to your specifications. Please call us today with your standard or unique cork needs.

We look forward to becoming your cork supplier. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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